Tuesday, 1 March 2016

The World is Falling in Love

Some people say that love is overrated.

Well, I don’t think so. Because there are so many kinds of love, and if you just stop for a moment to look around and pay attention, you will notice that love is actually everywhere. (Wait — it does sound like a line from that famous Christmas movie… but, oh well. I mean what I said, anyway.)


I’m one of those people who believe that love is essential in life. It may become strength as well as weakness. I also believe that there is a thin line between love and acceptance. Although slightly different, to love means to accept. Loving yourself means you’re learning to feel content with how you look and what you were born with, acknowledging your own potentials — what you can and cannot do. See, the thing is, they say that you need to love yourself first before trying to love somebody else, because it is not ‘looking for happiness in others’ but ‘sharing your happiness with others’. That you should fall in love when you’re ready, not when you’re lonely.

However, we cannot guarantee that our feelings would be mutual — even when we’re ready for love. This world is full with people falling in love, don’t you think? And mostly they are unrequited love. Yet, I think it’s alright. Because unrequited love makes us realize how magical it feels when your feelings towards the other party are reciprocated.

I know that many researches have shown that ‘falling in love’ is a mere chemical reaction, a scientific thing. But I, being as stubborn as ever, refuse to believe that love is only about that.

Because I think sometimes love is not about who can make your heart beats the fastest. And, in many cases, it is certainly not about what’s hidden under those layers of clothes. Sometimes, love is that silent whisper inside your mind which tells you: staying by a particular person’s side for an unlimited amount of time may not be a bad idea at all.

You just want to be together.
It’s a simple wish, and yet take quite a big effort to make it real.

Then some people become afraid to fall in love.
They fear rejection.
They are afraid of being hurt.
They think that love is a ‘waste of time’.

But in my perspective, being able to feel pain, heartbreak, and similar things is somewhat a proof that we’re alive. So I will not stop. I’ll let myself fall in love even when I know it’s unrequited. I believe that all those punches my heart receive will only make it tougher and more buff.

I’ve decided not to dwell on ‘why-doesn’t-that-person-love-me-back’ thing again. Because this world is falling in love, so I know I would never be alone. Living your life to the heart is scary, wearing your feelings on your sleeves is surely frightening.

And yet, I love it the most when I find myself falling in love.

z. d. imama

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