Friday, 17 May 2013

XXXHolic: what a beautiful show

So, we're going to talk about Japanese drama (or dorama, whatsoever). I'm going to give a brief comment--though perhaps it turns out not so brief--about a particular dorama this year. Well... for a start, i have to tell you, those folks who are unfamiliar with this topic, that Japanese make dozens of dramas every year in various type and genres.

Every. Freaking. Year.
They got to be so damn creative...

Anyway, around half of Japanese movies/dramas are adaptation, whether it's from a novel or manga (comic, simply said). And the main problem of any novels or comics brought onto screen is: not being able to live up the expectationDrastic changes are often found, supposedly or un-supposedly, due to two reasons:
  1. The filmmaker cannot make the 'special effects' presented in mangas or cannot find any cast close enough to the character description written in mangas/novels.
  2. The filmmaker overdoes the scenes.
Actually the latter point is far more annoying than the first, because they try to make the movie/drama look serious and magnificent when it's actually just another shit. Excuse the expression. But then...
this baby come to reality, back then on March.


A supernatural-themed drama adapted from the very same supernatural-themed manga from CLAMP, one of my favorite manga writer. I'll speak honestly. This is not the best manga adaptation Japanese ever make (and I ever watch), but XXXHOLiC is definitely one of the most beautiful adaptation of a manga. CLAMP, after all, is famous of the pretty, detailed-drawn background setting and characters' outfits. Look at these illustrations for instance :

They tried to bring these beauty and elegance of details into screen. And... they succeedHoly cow. Personally, i think the most breathtaking aspect of this drama is Ichihara Yuko―also known as Dimension Witch's outfits. The kimonos, the dresses, the gowns, the suits, everything she wears is so pretty as if it is taken out of the manga pages directly.

But my favorite piece is this one, so pretty i can't help but want one.

Her butterfly-shaped hairpin :')

The costume designer, whoever she or he is, manages to be the real hero behind this drama. Aside from that... Hm, let's see. The casts are fine, though i dislike whoever plays Kunogi Himawari to the very core. She just doesn't suit the role.

i'd recommend you to watch it!

z. d. imama

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