Sunday, 12 November 2017

The Beautiful Bullshit

My thumb moved slowly. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Oh, that dude updated his blog. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. Hey, that person posted new status. I see. Well, there's that again. It's not only once or twice did I see someone said―or wrote―on the internet: "I love you even if I don't know you". I wonder how do we supposed to read that? That sentence does look pretty, I admit, at least pretty enough to the point where somebody could just copy and paste it on Hallmark's cards. And oh I bet that feels good for the speaker's side, too. But I never stop questioning the sincerity behind such lines. 

"How can?"

Some people may feel that they are not loved by anyone―including themselves―for some reasons. Some people may only be able to love other people―their friends, their acquaintances, their family, but not themselves. It's a rather complicated feeling. And it's damn hell frustrating. Especially when everyone around you keep saying, "Love yourself just the way you are" while you don't even know which part of you are good enough to be liked. So you hate yourself even more. Because you know you've failed this 'simple' thing. You feel unloved and useless. And suddenly somebody told you (or you read it as a post on the internet), "I love you even though I don't know you". Aww...

That's so beautiful.
And what a totally perfect bullshit to say.

I do believe we can only like (and love) people we know. The meetings may come in different ways: there are people we know from actual meetups, there are those whom we know from TV series, variety shows, movies, social media platforms, music releases, and other things. Well, I think it's even safe to say that it's possible for us to love fictional characters we find in various works. We come to know them, or at least we think we know something about them. And that's why we like them. That's why we  are able to love them. Sure it doesn't necessarily mean we like or love everyone we know, but for the ones we end up favoring, we definitely feel familiarity to some extent.

That is why someone can fall in love with people who don't even know they exist―it's the gap, the disparity in knowledge and sense of familiarity between both parties. Like, you know, famous people may feel thankful towards and care about their fans who made them popular in general, but as an individual being, our life do not really affect theirs. It's possible for us to love people who do not know about us at all, but to love someone we don't know feels... so far-fetched. 

Hence I think this whole "I love you even if I don't know you" is bogus.

hen spoken and told, I can't help but wonder whose sake is that sentence for. Is it to make the speaker feel better about themselves? To make them think they have done 'something helpful', 'spread the love' kind of stuff? Because acting nice, being helpful and kind to other people doesn't always equal liking, let alone loving, them.

z. d. imama


  1. seharusnya, even you don't know me ya?

    itu sih pengagum rahasia, btw paragraf kedua dari bawah kurang satu kata, sepertinya hehe

    1. Sudah ditambahkan om hehe terimakasyi koreksinyaaa

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