Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wandering Thoughts


so I, for a LONG time, wanted to scribble my rambling about this.
but I never got the chance. or enough motivation. or, most important of all, the Internet connection. well, what can you do if you want to write a blog post without an internet connection?

(excuse, excuse.)
(I know.)

you see... it's still February.
basically, 2016 is just begun. but there are so much fucked-up things happened already, and I cannot even feel anger anymore. instead, I feel... sad. very, very, sad. those awful happenings remind me what kind of society I'm living in. what kind of era we came into.

and apparently,
we've come to an era in which trying to live your life differently, though in quiet peace, is seen as a threat.

I do not understand.
don't we Indonesian have a wonderful national motto, "Bhinneka Tunggal Ika"? which means that even though we are different, we're still one? since when it turned to be something that feels like "Bhinneka Tinggal Golonganku Saja"?

I heard a lot about people boycott churches from being built, even years ago. then there was a ruckus about not allowing someone with Chinese bloodline to govern. Ahmadiyah being banished because people believed they went astray. and recently, there is this neverending uproar about LGBTs.

many people spread so much hatred to these much, much, smaller number of people just because they're different. even those who have bigger political power and voice, those who are supposed to protect the minority, take part in cornering them. even though those in minority just want to live peacefully, society won't allow them that.

because they are different.
so they must be banished. they have to be gone.

and I think it's terribly sad.

even more so, because when you try to tell people "Please don't do that to others, it's inhumane" then you are accused of acting all Saint. you are accused of "trying to defend one-sided human rights" when you stand up for those in minority, for the pariahs.

people want to banish folks like LGBTs, saying they are also defending human rights.
but what kind of human rights that allows a person to 'erase' other person's existence? LGBTs do not kill, they do not want to enslave the rest of the world like Lord Voldemort. they want nothing more than a place to come home and a job to pay their bills.

so why all the hatred?
you don't have to agree with them, with their sexual orientations, with their life choices. HELL, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BEFRIEND THEM. but you cannot also deny them their rights to live. it's just... really cruel.

but maybe society won't understand.
maybe no matter what they say, no matter how much they try to explain, society will continue to hate. because perhaps, perhaps, people in society cannot imagine how being rejected by 'the world' feels.

what a sad society we're living in.

z. d. imama

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