Sunday, 23 May 2010

this is for you

i wrote this for you .
yeah, for you .

for all the insecure girls .

it is not true what they say .
you aren`t ugly . you aren`t a failure .
you aren`t just another face in a sea of people .

you are beautiful .

you are amazing .

you are infinite .

...and you are a princess .

maybe you`re a run-away princess, or maybe you just a bit lost .
or maybe you`ve known it all along .
but surely there is a castle somewhere and it`s yours .

so rise up .
then run .
run and run and run .

and go after your dreams .

**P.S : dua kali gue nulis postingan waras . genap sekali lagi , keluarga di Indonesia dijamin langsung mengadopsi kakak baru buat adek gue =,="


  1. apik .

    btw , kui fotone spo sg mbok tempel ?
    opo nggur foto gogling ?

  2. hahaha , apik ya ?
    koyo wong desperate tenan . nek aku ngomong kui fotoku dewe , pie ? :p

    just kid, just kid .
    aku tak punya bakat fotografi sekeren itu . kui hasil googling , hahaha (sing penting keren)

  3. lho , ini tuh postingan pemberi semangat yooh nisa-san ku tersayaaang :D