Thursday, 27 May 2010

message in the air

I remember .

that day I met an angel.

two years ago, maybe? or longer?

but you were standing in front of me with that smile .

maybe you are not the real one,

but i do believe that you are something close enough .

maybe I was lost .

and then God sent you down to earth to watch over me from a closer view .

to guide me... and to give me something named hope .

but angels need to be where they belong, so do you .

and that`s why you have to leave .

cause you have to be somewhere else .

angel who doesn`t have wings,

i love you

**P.S : jangan salah sangka -,-
ini cuman terinspirasi dari sesuatu . bukan buat siapa", kok. bapak, mama, nggak perlu jantungan kok. hihihi :))

1 comment:

  1. weleh mbaak.. gaean mu ndek kono ngno kui ta, bulak.e.. fto" co ganteng.. hha.. xD