Saturday, 17 November 2012

it's (not) a sudden make-over

do you have that particular relative who has quite a weird hobby?

if you don't, well... i have.

it's my cousin.

i don't know why but she seems to find playing with me is thrilling.

and i mean it literally when i said 'playing'.
she likes to dress me up and then forces me to pose while she takes pictures of me in a ridiculous looks (or attire), A LOT. and this time she makes me turn blonde. 

holy motherfather.

yes, it's like me getting back into those 4L4y days.
but hey, if blondes are 4L4ys, are we saying that those Western people are 4L4y as well?

by the way...
my cousin really took a lot of pictures.
these are just a bit of it -_-

believe me, i'm not this 4L4y.
alright, correction.
i was quite 4L4y, back then in my junior high.
so i only need to recall(?) some of my skill(?) to act like... um, those people.

but actually, i think i look decent enough being blonde.

see ya again !
 z. d. imama

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