Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Promises, promises.

i never fancy promises.
i hate them, frankly speaking.
maybe because i’ve heard too much. have known too many. have been told so plenty of times. only to see they were broken, being left not kept.

“kalau kamu masuk UI, kita berdua jalan-jalan ke tempat itu.”

“I want to be with you, like… forever.”

“Hari Minggu nanti, ya.”

“Tugasnya bakal gue kirim hari ini. Paling agak sore.”

“Aku tunggu kamu.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not like I’ll be going anywhere.”

“I told you, we’re best friends!”

“I’m not leaving.”

“Lo bisa kok percaya sama gue.”

“Aku pasti datang.”

“It’s only you.”

“Ini terakhir kalinya. Sumpah.”

“Sejam lagi ya?”

“I will never take you for granted.”


i’ve had enough. i was taught to keep whatever deal i make. perhaps that’s the reason i always a little too careful with what i promise to anyone. never once i say yes so easily, because it will give people expectations. and it goddamn hurts to break that. a promise not only bind your life, but it also binds other person’s. it has influences—no matter how small it is.

i’ve been trying to keep mine, in a hope they would treat me the same way. keeping what they promised me.

false belief, i’d say now.
most of the time i ended up laughing at my own stupidity.

 z. d. imama

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  1. long time no contact girl~ i agree..promise is a promise for's like a debt.we have to pay it ASAP..but in korean, some of promises are just greetings~zzz